Share Jr Quarantine Activities Bingo Cards

All purchased bingo cards are randomly generated and completely unique.

The 2 page free sample is intended for preview purposes and will not be playable (or fun) during the live event.

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Special Bingo Night for Share Jr!

Please join us Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 from 7:30-8:30pm for Virtual Bingo Night. We will be fundraising for these worthy causes...Lifting Up Westchester, Feeding Westchester, No Kid Hungry, Americares, and United Way.

ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of these bingo cards will be donated to one of these great causes. The winner(s) will choose which of these important organizations they would like the donations to go to. Buy your 10 Pages of bingo cards here and get ready to play...

10 pages
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Share Jr Quarantine Activities Bingo Preview

Download Free Share Jr Quarantine Activities Bingo Cards

Host Instructions:
  • Decide when to start and select your goal(s)
  • Designate a judge to announce events randomly or as they happen
  • Cross off events from the list when announced
  • First to get any line (up, down, left, right, diagonally)
  • First to get the four corners
  • First to get two diagonal lines through the middle (an "X")
  • First to get all squares
Guest Instructions:
  • Check off events on your card as they occur
  • If you complete a goal, shout "Bingo!". You've won!
  • The judge decides in the case of disputes