Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I receive my order?
    You will receive an email from sent to your registered Paypal email address shortly after purchase. Please make sure your Paypal email address is valid and accepting emails.

  • How can I find my bingo cards?
    Please check your junk or spam folders for an email from and the subject "Your BuzzBuzzBingo Card Order". Otherwise, send us an email with the Paypal email address and we will reply with your order as soon as possible.

  • How do I play Superbowl Bingo?
    Print your bingo cards and give each guest a card. Start at kickoff. As the events occur on TV, point them out to the party and have a designated judge announce them. First to get a line, 2 lines, the 4 corners, an "X", a square, or a "blackout" (full card) shouts BINGO and wins! You decide the number of winners and depending on the number of guests you can play again starting at the half.

  • How do I play Superbowl Commercial Bingo?
    Print your bingo cards and give each guest a card. Start at kickoff or at any point the party starts. As the events occur during the commercials, allow a designated judge to officially announce them. The judge may be required to make judgement calls, after all, that's their job :). Some events can satisfy two bingo card squares, for example you see a commercial about a pizza delivery guy who gets kicked in the groin.

  • What is a "tie game after 0-0"?
    When the game is tied at any point after scores begin happening. For football this can even be before an extra point like 6-6. Ultimately you can decide how to play. Perhaps the judge decides or you take a majority vote.

  • Help, my question isn't answered here!
    Contact us anytime at and we will get back to as soon as possible.