• "This is the third year I have purchased the Super Bowl Bingo cards for my event. This game keeps everyone from 6-90 years old entertained through the entire game, even the non-football fans. Thank you for providing a great service and product for the success of my event!" -
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  • "Everything was quick and efficient. Thank you for the time-saving printables for gaming."
  • "Thanks for the bingo cards! We had a blast playing yesterday. Although we never did get an X winner." -
  • "Super Bowl Bingo was a big hit! although I should have cheated- my card had QB Stop Clock and QB kneel in the corners!" -
  • "2nd year with your cards - awesome - thanks for making them available" -
  • "Very cool man, my kids are loving this... they're actually paying attention to the game, LOL." -
  • "Thanks so much. We had a blast playing with your cards. It really helped make the game more fun. Being a Packer fan, I was not as drawn to the game and this gve us more to keep attention." -
  • "I teach a medical terminology class and was looking for a fun way to teach each word part in prefix, suffix and word root. I think this game will be entertaining and help my students retain what they have been taught. I am always looking for ways to instill in my students a better way of learning. BuzzBuzzBingo seems fit all the criteria that I need."
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